Cat And The Fiddle History

Cat and the Fiddle Exclusive Feline Grooming was created to fill a much needed and very often misunderstood area of service. Cat Grooming. Too many times cat owners were left asking “What am I going to do with this Cat”? As they were faced with a list of common feline issues; shedding, matting, sharp claws, hairballs, dandruff, etc. As well, the cat owner is faced with the daunting task of sitting down and calling every grooming shop in town, timidly asking “Ummm, do you groom cats”? Often, the reply that came; “No”. Or simply to hear laughing at the other end of the line. The owner is then on to the next groomer on the list. On the off chance they could find a groomer that actually said yes, they soon learned they had no real training, or had studied from an online course or book. Disappointed the cat owner is once again left exasperated.

Cat and the Fiddle was born of this need. We have cats of our own, we love them, and they too were in need of some help. Therefore the journey began. How do you have cats groomed properly?

The answer came in the form of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. The only school in North America where the highest standards are taught, and the only place where you can attain internationally acknowledged certification as a Certified Feline Master Groomer.

Kevin and Stephen travelled to the U.S. where they trained and studied very diligently. The whole process for each of them was one of the hardest endeavors they had ever taken on. In the end, each left proudly with their CFMG certification. They became two of only 18 certified feline master groomers in Canada and became the eighth and ninth in all of Ontario. With a new expert knowledge, cat specific tools, and a respect for cat grooming the proper way. The pair could now offer amazing grooming to every cat. Every cat could now look, and feel its best. Each cat could have a show worthy groom.

On their return from school the phone had quickly started to ring. Already people had heard the news that there were qualified CFMG’s in town. From this immediate demand sprung Cat and the Fiddle Exclusive Feline Grooming.

Stephen owner of Bark Avenue Pet Grooming and Boutique, an award winning grooming salon, set out to create with Kevin an exclusive environment within the shop that could cater to cats in their own private area, away from any dogs. A feline grooming environment that would have the same award winning standards and aspirations. Cat and the Fiddle Exclusive Feline Grooming is now happy to be serving the Region of Waterloo and surrounding areas.

591 Lancaster St. W. Unit 2
Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2K 1M5

Madison looks great — thanks for doing such a great job!!! looking forward to his next groom. I’d recommend C&F to any of my family/friends that have pets. in fact — i already have.


Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of grooming our Ceeatee. You were wonderful and patient with her, so much so, that apparently she fell asleep while being dried. Now that’s a relaxed cat !! Thanks again and much success for the future.