What to Expect on your First Visit

Right here is where you will find all that you need to know about your cats first visit to Cat and the Fiddle Exclusive Feline Grooming.

First thing you need to do is contact us for an appointment. You may email us at anytime, however appointments made by phone are always easier and ensure speedier service. During our conversation we will try to book what services are best for your cat and try to find a suitable grooming appointment to fit your needs. Currently our cat grooming services are being offered on Wednesdays, Saturday afternoons and one full Saturday each month.

For the first time client we like to allow 3 – 4 hours for the initial appointment. This allows us the proper amount of time to acclimate your cat to our facility and to the grooming process itself. We like to ensure the groom goes according to the cats pace and comfort level. However most grooming can be done in under this time. Every cat is different and has its own unique set of needs. We always try to ensure that we are working in a timely fashion that caters to your feline friends individual needs.

When you bring your cat in we require that you bring them in a carrier for the safety of your cat and those that are in the shop. We also require your cat to be up to date on their vaccinations. (If they are not, special booking arrangements can be made so no other cats are present at the time of the groom at an additional charge)

We also have you fill out two forms. One is available here on the website for you to print at home and fill out. This can save you time when you drop off your cat for its appointment. However you may fill it out here as well.

The first form is a client information and release form. This form is given to you so that you understand the uniqueness and specialty of our services. Cat grooming is a very specialized area of grooming and must be treated as such. As well it provides us with all the necessary information that we need to contact you incase of an emergency situation. Your cats safety and well being are our number one priority.

The second form we have you fill out is a client card for each cat you own. This card contains all your cats information as well as a repeat of your own. It also includes your Veterinarian’s contact information. This card is also where you list your main areas of concern. Is it shedding or perhaps sharp claws? We also keep track of all your visits and the services we’ve provided. This card stays out with your cat during its visit for easy reference for us.

Everything we do at Cat and the Fiddle is done with with express purpose of providing you with the highest level of service and so that you know we have your cats best interest and safety in mind.

When you come in I will do an initial assessment. At this time I will be looking at the condition of your cats coat as well as determining your cats temperament. Once the initial assessment is complete we will further discuss what is best for your cat and what its’ grooming needs are. This is also a perfect time for you to ask any other questions you may have if they have not yet been addressed.

Once you have left I will begin the groom. I help your cat get acclimated to its new environment and the tools that will aide in the grooming process. Despite most myths and fears, cats generally do quite well with grooming.

Once the initial groom is complete I will call you and let you know your cat is ready to go home. Alternately we can also arrange a pre set time of pick up.

Due to our busy grooming schedule we recommend that you pre-book your next appointment in order to avoid disappointment and ensure you get the time of your choosing. This way your cat stays looking and feeling its best

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Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2K 1M5

Madison looks great — thanks for doing such a great job!!! looking forward to his next groom. I’d recommend C&F to any of my family/friends that have pets. in fact — i already have.


Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of grooming our Ceeatee. You were wonderful and patient with her, so much so, that apparently she fell asleep while being dried. Now that’s a relaxed cat !! Thanks again and much success for the future.